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IF it MAKES you HAPPY then WHY the HELL are YOU so SAD??

i exist only in your memories

4/1/06 10:27 am - birthday,ian,kelly!

hey everyone..
i had a pretty good birthday im not gonna lie it prolly was one of the best yet!thanks to my friends for making the best ..ah kelly and ian are prolly the best ppl ever!
yesterday I..
*went to school and in forth hour kelly and ian left balloons and presents on my desk,ah i love them!
*then went to branns after school to eat with kel,meg,sam,and ian i love those ppl to death(walk with your big feet),(full body seizure)
*then came home and so many ppl called me to wish me happy birthday!
*jesse rivas called me havnt heard from him in a while and then TOny called me yay!
*then went to the hockey game with my dad and ugh kim.. and i couldnt stand being around her.. she just makes me get all mad inside everytime i see her face..but ya i got home and called kelly because i was so upset and seh came and picked me up around 10:30 and then we went to her house.
* shuved cake in our face
*went to bed

ahh then theres ian.. he just seems so right.. i definately think i like him.. hes so sweet and dose the nicest things.. and hes not like most guys ..i definately think im makin the right choice when i say i like that kid!whenever i see him it makes me all giddy inside like a little girl..and i havnt felt that way in along time.. but there is only one thing holdin me back and idk i dont think i should let it but yeah..

the worst part about today is kelly is leavin tomarrow and this is the last day im going to see her for a whole week..im sad because shes like my best friend and im going to miss her.. ill have no one to tell my secrets to.. but yea .. kel i love you to death and iwish you werent leavin me but i hope you have the best time ever! and dont have to much fun without me i love you babe!and i bet you im goin to have so many things to get caught up on with you when you get back

much love ! kate


3/31/06 07:13 am

thanks to all of my friends who have made it special already(kelly) and i cant wait to have the times of our lifes today! 

3/18/06 02:45 pm

i just dont know about some ppl....there a drag on life and purposly bring ppl down.. why would someone be so cruel at a time like this??i fucking hate bithces! but there is no reason to dwell on such a situation like this when you need to be thinking about somthing else so...

ugh.. i miss her! i  really really miss her..TINA I REALLY MISS YOU!
  just writing this really does bring tears to my eyes and it seems as if the world stops for the moment being and nothing in the world is happening or going on except for the situation she is in... i know i should think happy thoughts but there is not happy thoughts when your friend is hospitalized

ahhh... this one goes to TINA  .. TINA your memories that we have had are in every tear drop i cry and every step i take.. there is not a moment or second of each long day that you are not thought of .. you have such amazing strenth no one could compare to.. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!plz plz come back to us! NO DAY IS THE SAME WITHOUT YOU!

tina at lees
                         OUR WONDERFUL TINA! WE LOVE YOU!

3/16/06 06:01 pm

gah.. what is there to say? you are love by so many people!and that is whats going to get you through this.. not to mention your strenth and determanation!
there are so many pepole that are cheering you on right now!and you are in so many peoples thoughts, prayers, and hearts! WE LOVE YOU BABE!

well everyone leave tina some love!comment and tell her how much you love her or just leave a memory you had with her!


picture update in a lil bit..

3/13/06 09:58 pm

this one goes out to TINA PUFFER!!!!!
dear god,
please let tina wake up please please please let tina wake up wake up.. this world is definately not the same without her here and seeing her joyful face every morning.. no matter how down you are she is right there to pick you up! just be with her and her family through this horrible accident..no one but you can fix things .. your a miracle worker lord so show us what you can do.. and heal tina..she means so much to everyone and she deserves to live. just help her be the strong person she is and pull through this..
in your name we pray.. amen!

so today eli line and i all went up to the hospital to be with the family.. wow it was definately emotional.. things are definately looking up well we were there she had just gotten out of emergengy surgery but like an hour and a half later she fluttered her eye lashes..she improving she really is..its so hard knowing how good of a person she was .. and this happened to her shes so young and didnt deserve it.. its no ones fault.. things just happen.. im starting to accept death because lately it just seems like many ppl i kno have been leavin this world.. but with TINA i kno that we wont have to accept it because tina will fight for life until the end.. i just really wish rumors would stop going around and everyone would just kno the truth but thats besides the point.. somtimes i just catch myself with my eyes open just staring into blank space praying for her and not even knowing that i am doing it..

well TINA your in many ppls hearts, prayers, and dreams, your a fighter babe and your going to get through this.. i was at the hospital to visit you today,maybe you just need a break from the world for a few days because we all kno you are going to come out of this.. the whole waiting room was filled with ppl for no one else but you .. your a special person ! and loved by many! hang in there and stay strong WE LOVE YOU! and your the only thing that matters right now.. with all my love,hopes, and prayers 

heres my favorite pic of us all!(tina is in the middle of eli&I)
heres one more!!!   the one all the way on the left yea.. thats our tina always so cheery and happy!


3/12/06 02:07 am

so.. i used to have this best friend.. shes from spain.. but we dont really hang out anymore..and theres a reason why but i mean its not a bad reason.. its just a reason.. well yeah.. i was suppose to go spain with her this summer i dont think i am ne more cause we never ever hardly talk.. well right now im just hanging out with kelly and ian and tripp at kellys house and yeah line maybe i will walk down to your house or you could maybe come over here lol well.. yeah but idk what were doin tonight we just went to wild iron and had drinks with my mom and her friends
hahaha kel virgin? virgin? mom:yes they are virgins hahaha well that was the highlight of the night then it was off to the beach where i fell in the water then off to the lighthouse then we went to the block house that was so scary well.. were going to watch a movie so talk to you all later tonight!

i really hope that me and that friend become friends again because i was the first person she met here and we used to talk about everything!

3/10/06 08:03 pm

so... how bout a happy entry after that last one hahaha
well right now im just hangin out with KEL at her house right now then we are bout to go do somthing hopefully fun since it is a friday night..ugh i dont kno what i will do with out her over spring break.. it would be so much more fun if i was just going with her to hawaii!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i guess thats not possible atleast she will be here for my sixteeth birthday! well.. so yeah.. this week has been fun.. to many good times i guess.. but also drama like always!no big deal though im used to it!well i love the friends i have and for all the other bitches who arent my friends.. well to bad cause they are missing out on all the good times we have .. but..yeah... idk..im so glad that me and kel are hangin out again because i missed that girl..well im out love all of you awesome ppl out there!

KELLY frickin lyons rocks.
21 days till my birthday
22 days till spring break
24 days till kel leaves and i put my sad face on!

well.. life is good now except for this one girl who twists my words around!

love much*kate

****thinkin of you reminds me of myself!********

3/3/06 10:02 pm

well.. i havnt updated in along long time but...

i was sick today..gah it was not good

kelly came over after school to visit me cause i was sick and kept me company.. that was nice we just watched a movie then tried to do somthin with my lj background and its all messed up so thats its really ugly right now

kristin.. is my best friend..thats all i have to say about that


my dad likes to rap its quite funny and he does the shakira booty shake with it.. wow my dad is prolly like the best person in the world

goin to the cheer comp. tomarrow or volleyball tourney not quite sure which one yet..
call me lets hang out some time

2/8/06 06:35 pm

I LOVE MY NO NO ROOM!!!manda and krstin i love you girls u make me put a smile on!!

1/19/06 08:13 pm

OKAY so dont get me wrong i love RP but i officially miss my old school!

when im there i just i dunno feel like i have people that wont treat me like o theres katy how bout i walk right past her even though alot alot of people at Rp dont do that but maybe its just cause when i go to oakridge i havnt seen those ppl in so long.. yea! maybe thats it! but i was there tonight and i just really really really miss it there!

RP has so much more to offer thats what mom says atleast! 

          i love both schools.. what to do what to do??

well i love all my friends ..?? i just dont kno ne more!

krstin is prolly the best friend ne one could have.. you should have seen us today!

♥you all


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